All entries to our kayak fishing tournaments must follow these requirements.

These rules are subject to change if the tournament director feels additions or alterations are needed to clarify these rules.

Preferred measurement devices:

All measurement tools must have a flat clearly printed ruler with a vertical plane at the zero mark. The mouth of your fish must be butting the vertical plane of the zero mark. See photo below.

Hawg Trough for fish up to 30 inches (click here for product sample catalog)
No boards that fold or slide or have any mechanical movement for pics of fish up to 30 inches.

Rapala 60″ Folding Ruler For Big Fish (click here for product sample catalog)
Can be used for large pike or other fish. Only can be used for fish over 30 inches.

!!!IMPORTANT: Click the image below to see a larger size image of our fish measuring requirements!!!

Rules below are updated 08/2015

August 2015 Kayak Fish Tournament Measurement Rules


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